Model 1873

Model 1873 Rifles, Carbines and Cadet Rifles

Fall 2013

Model 1873
NRA Very Good=$900
NRA Excellent= $2,200
Model 1873
NRA Very Good=$1,500
NRA Excellent= $3,500
Custer range= $4000+
Model 1873
Cadet Rifle
NRA Very Good= $800
NRA Excellent=$1,200

Model 1873 Rifle

Overall Length52"
Barrel Length (in bore)32.6"
Cleaning Rod Length35 9/16", 3" of Cannelures
Muzzle Diameter.73"
Rifling3 Lands and Grooves
Caliber.45 CF .45-70-405/500 Cartridge
Barrel Bands2
Cartouches 1, Oval ESA, Oval ESA/Date, or Rectangle SWP/date
Breech Block Model/1873/Eagle/Arrows/U.S. or U.S./Model/1873 or 1884
Firing ProofCircled Script P
Lock PlateDated 1873 or undated
V/P/Eagle/p stamppost SN35,000
Serial Number Receiver
Rear SightM73, M77, M79, M84
Front Sight1 1/4" from muzzle, 5/16" long

Model 1873 Rifle & Carbine

The following information is taken from: Desription and Rules for the Management of the Springfield Rifle, Carbine and Army Revolver, 1874.
During the year 1873, the Board of Officers appointed in pursuance of the "Act of Congress, - approved June 6, 1872 - for the purpose of selecting a breech system for the military service of the United States," reported in favor of the "Springfield" system. The minor details as to the caliber, form of chamber, ammunition, etc., were also determined by a Board of Ordnance Officers convened for that purpose. In the following pages will be found a full description of this system in all its details, as adopted by the War Department. The Springfield Rifle, Carbine .45", is essentually similar to the "Springfield Musket, Model 1870," which for some time past has been in the hands of troops for trial. The following changes have been made:

The changes in the carbine follow those above indicated in the description of the rifle.

For additional photographs, descriptions and specifications see:
The .45-70 Springfield-Book I or The .45-70 Springfield-Book II-1865-1893.

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