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Advertising Policy

To advertise on this site, you must submit or email to Frasca Publishing (1) a description of the item or items for sale, (2) photographs, if appropriate. Each ad must be brief, to the point and the seller must designate one of the catagories above. Ads range in price from $25 to $75 depending on the ad, content and number of photos. Ads usually run until the item is sold or removed by seller. The seller must allow at least a three day return policy with full refund if the buyer is not satisfied (for any reason).

All advertised rifles must pertain to the 1865-1893 era and in some way be related to the Springfield Armory. Also permitted are: (1) leather items produced between 1865-1893 at Watervliet, Watertown, and Rock Island. (2) Items produced at Frankford Arsenal.
Reproduction items are prohibited.

All transactions are to be done between the buyer and the seller. Items advertised are subject to webmaster error, so please contact the seller before purchasing. The webmaster has the right to decline advertising any item that appears questionable.

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