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Trapdoor research

Posted by JohnM on Monday, 29 June 2020, at 1:40 p.m.

Hi all PI just bought my first trapdoor and am researching its history to whatever extent I can. PIf anyone is able to add to my information, or point me to other resources, Id be very grateful PThanks, -John PSer 327467 Barrel 32.5in from face of breechblock to muzzle Pquotflatlatchquot with rod bayonet P2 barrel bands - the one closest to muzzle has 2 sling loops. One loop has a gap. Band is stamped quotUquot on right side - the rear band has an oval shaped recess on top, right side is stamped quotUquot PWhats the recess for PFront sight is single blade, no hood rear sight is Buffington swivel amp ladder slide PThe top of the barrel is stamped behind rear sight with a sideways quotAquot, and the left side of the barrel is stamped with 3 or 4 characters. If the rifle were held upright with the muzzle pointing up, they read top-to-bottom quotVquot, quotPquot, {illegible} and it looks like a partial quotPquot or quotBquot or maybe a quot1quot PThe top of the hinged block is stamped in 3 lines reading parallel to the hinge pin quotU.S.quot, quotMODELquot, quot 1884quot Single extractor. The top rear of the breech is stamped with the serial number 327467 PThe trigger guard is somewhat oval, with a sling ring at the front. I see no stamps of any kind on the guard or the integral plate. PThe trigger has vertical ribs on the front side. Hammer clicks in 3 positions. PAhead of the hammer pivot, the locking plate is stamped with an eagle, and to its right in two lines quotU. S.quot, quotSPRINGFIELDquot PJust above the trigger, the left side of the stock is stamped with a rectangle having rounded-corners that surround two or three letters in uppercase script that appear to be either quotSWPquot, or quotSMquot with a trailing line. Under those letters in that stamp is the date quot1891quot PThe bottom of the stock is stamped with what appears to be a circle enclosing the letter quotPquot in a fancy font, intended to be read with the rifle upright, muzzle pointing up. PThere may also be two characters stamped into the bottom of the stock just behind the trigger guard plate and ahead of the quotcircled Pquot, but Im not sure whether these are actual characters, or just wear and tear. When viewed from the side, they might be the letters quotA Lquot, quotA Dquot, or quotA Oquot. PThe right rear of the stock is stamped with a large quot29quot and below that a smaller quot21quot. These stampings are intended to be read with the rifle upright, muzzle pointing up. PThe top of the stock just before the buttplate screw tab has two stamps - immediately ahead of the metal tab, and intended to be read with the rifle upright, muzzle pointing up is quot21quot The quot2quot is clear and not too deep, but the quot1quot is deeper and has minor chipping at the metal tab, so from some angles, it looks like it might be just a chip. At other angles, it sure looks like a quot1quot - ahead of the quot21quot, and intended to be read from the right, with the muzzle pointing to the right quot29th SEP. Co.quot that is read PThe top metal tab of the buttplate is stamped with quotUSquot just after the screw head. PThe bottom face of the buttplate has a hinged, swivel door having 4 etched ridges that swings open to reveal a space drilled into the stock to hold I think two cartridges. POne final point of condition On the upper left side of the stock just where the grip transitions to the stock are three asymetrical, fairly deep, indentations that appear to have been carved deliberately. Someone told me theyre quotthree notchesquot, indicating that this rifle accounted for three hits, perhaps kills. I found this to be an interesting observation, but probably impossible to verify. PAs for history Ive been able to determine is that there was a unit called the 29th Separate Company organized in Medina NY in December 1891 under the command of Captain A.S. Ross. Sometime around 1907, the 29th was redesignated Company F of New Yorks 3rd later 108 Infantry Regiment. I have not been able to determine if the unit saw action in the Spanish-American War.


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