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Re: Original Cartridge Question

Posted by Larry Gibson on Friday, 16 September 2016, at 3:05 p.m., in response to Re: Original Cartridge Question, posted by Keogh on Friday, 16 September 2016, at 1:10 p.m.

Let me see if I've understood this correctly; A soldier, indian or whoever with and 1873 rifle or carbine has fired a Benet primed 45-70 or 45-55 cartridge and the case is stuck in the chamber. The soldier, indian or whoever has a long leather thong (because he knows a case will stick in the chamber, has the other tools necessary to poke a hole big enough to feed the thong through in the back of the case and takes all this into battle)........where in the heat of battle he takes the tools out of his pockets, saddle bags, breach cloth......(?) and proceeds to poke said hole in the back of the cartridge case which is not readily accessible.......then he feeds the thong down through the hole and out the end of the barrel. He must have some pretty tricky tools to poke the hole and have one stiff thong to do this prone because if in battle he probably isn't going to last long standing up to let gravity maybe carry the thong out the barrel.......then with the end of the thong out the end of the barrel he ties a knot in the thong, pulls it back through and....voila....the stuck cast is jerked out when even the extractor couldn't budge the case and would have had torn through the rim when the BB was forced open (otherwise how was access to the rear of the case made?)........that must have been one heck of a stout thong.......then, with the stuck case jerked out, the knot is untied, the thong and tools put back from where ever, a new cartridge loaded, fired and then what? Did the new case then stick in the chamber also(?)........or did the condition that caused the first case to get stuck was solved by the thong?

Wow, in all of my 50+ years of study, research and shooting TDs and what really happened at the LBH and other battlefields of that short time period when the copper cased Benet primed 45-70 ammunition was used I have never read nor heard of this thong extraction method. I certainly would be interested in and appreciate the documentation of this thong method of clearing a stuck case if anyone can refer me to it?

Larry Gibson


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