M73 Gain Twist Rifle, SN144770*

M73 Gain Twist Rifle, SN144770*

This rifle was produced in 1880 and has a very unique barrel as well as a Springfield tang sight and a Bull rear sight. The stamping on the barrel reads:

It is believed to be a prototype barrel for the Marksman's rifle or a prototype for all Long Range Rifles produced in 1881. Two very similar gain twist barrels were produced, this one with six lands and grooves and one with seven lands and grooves. The latter one was never finished but is in a collection. This rifle was assembled at Springfield by E.E.Rile who was a specialty barrel maker at Springfield. The tang sight was made at Sprngfield (?) and installed using Springfield's trigger plate screws. The Bull rear sight was made from an early M79 Buckhorn sight and installed with a very small slotted head screw in the rear to allow clearance and windage when the leaf is elevated. The receiver is stamped with Rile's initals (E.E.R.) and the rest of the gun is standard M73 starred rifle parts. The stock appears used, but the bore appears unfired and the rifling is VERY highly polished. The rifle is cartouched SWP/1880 and it has a clear firing proof. The mechanics are excellent.
It has been suggested the rifle was used in the Sandy Hook, NJ long range trials in 1880 since it has the Bull rear sight and a tang sight.

Note: All the experimental rifling stopped when Gen. Sherman made it clear that only standard issue arms could be used in competition matches.

$5450+ S/H

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Note: The rifling finish is mirror quality and viewing it with a camera is VERY difficult. Even the sides of the canted rifling are polished and, to see them clearly requires a magnifying glass held a short distance from the muzzle.

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