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Model 1884 markings

Posted by KJ on Thursday, 8 June 2017, at 4:25 p.m.

I've been cleaning a recently acquired Model 1884, you probably saw my posts about that. I've removed quite a bit of brown stuff that looks like excess oil to me. Underneath it is beautiful wood, with a few flaws here and there and (reason for this post) various markings. I could see most of these before cleaning, but some are clearer now, and they're on my mind from staring at the gun so long. :)

Here is every marking on the rifle that I've noticed. Let me know if there is anywhere to look for different markings.

Top front of the trapdoor action says: U.S. Model 1884 Below where trapdoor locks toward back of rifle there is what I take to be a serial number: 505138 On right side of barrel, near chamber, there is: a capital P, with a lowercase x above it, and a lowercase r below it. There is a mark near the x that I don't think it a letter, perhaps it's meant to be flame. On left side of barrel, near chamber, there is: what looks like a stylized V, then a P, then a non-letter mark (perhaps an eagle's head). Below that is a smaller P. On top of barrel, near chamber, there is: what looks like a capital letter I

Both barrel bands have what looks like a letter U on them

Top of buttplate says: U.S.

Bottom of stock, behind trigger guard, has what I think is a cursive P in an oval. Between that and the trigger guard is what looks like a smaller D but not sure it's a D.

On the left side of the stock, in the trigger and hammer area, are cursive script inside a box, and what looks like either "1880" or "1890" below the script. Since this is a Model 1884, I assume that's 1890.

At the top rear of the stock, just in front of the top of the buttplate, is stamped, in large clear letters: E 9 38

Anything people can tell me about the rifle based on these markings would be very helpful! Also, if I should look anywhere else for markings, let me know. Thanks.


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