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Re: Chief of Ordnance 1880 stock replacements

Posted by Stephen B. McCartney on Friday, 18 December 2015, at 10:53 a.m., in response to Re: Chief of Ordnance 1880 stock replacements, posted by Jeff D on Friday, 18 December 2015, at 9:32 a.m.

Which reminds me of a story....My uncle was a retired ltc signal corps reserve and a great story teller. It is better told in person but I will try. Way back about 1924, at the Citizens Military Training Camp, at Fort Sill, my uncle was a participant. He said that prior to a parade in Lawton (and he claimed that the incident was on newsreel), he ran afoul of the battery sergeant, who assigned him an "outlaw" horse, Old Blue. As my uncle was guidon bearer for the battery, this could entail disaster as the salute was to be rendered unto the general who was in the reviewing stands. The manual called for the bearer to lean forward in the saddle, kick his boot and stirrup to the rear and dip the guidon in salute., all the while facing the line of march. Trouble came as Old Blue "danced"", or more properly, pranced to the music, making it very difficult to keep him straight and under control, not to mention render the salute (Gad, my uncle, an English professor would kill me for such a run on sentence!). Just as horse and uncle came up to the reviewing stands, Old Blue stopped prancing, stopped and, in spite of my uncle's reining and training, turned his backside to the general, staff and dignitaries. As my uncle did his best to render the guidon salute, Old Blue raised his tail (and I quote,( 'There goes my military career"), Old Blue saluted the general with tail outstretched, "the longest and loudest horse toot "pffffffffftttt" ever given in military history. Looking back, Uncle Bill saw the general, saluting... and laughing, with accompanying colonels, majors and on down the chain of command joining in (only after the general did, mind you!). With that, Old Blue dropped his tail, resumed the line of march and pranced, once again, to the music. That horse knew what he was doing and how to render honors to a general! Now, Jeff, go clean you computer monitor!


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