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Re: Julia auction

Posted by Mr. Peabody on Thursday, 25 December 2014, at 4:42 a.m., in response to Re: Julia auction, posted by Tom Trevor on Friday, 3 October 2014, at 9:18 p.m.

If it is indeed the truth you seek about this ongoing feud know this; The two principals involved both possess very large egos. This may be a function of their industry. One owner, in addition to possessing this uber ego also demeans others in order to elevate himself. I have personally witnessed this behavior on at least two occasions besides this pathetic grumble. The other, who is in fact a gentleman is reduced to long winded retorts which sadly demean him. Any auction house walks a tightrope between the buyer and the seller. An example would be that a repeat consignor consistently gives multiple good quality items to a particular auction house. Every once in a while their might be an item of certain dubiousity. The consignor says it's good but the cataloger has his doubts. The auction house feels obligated to this consignor. The right thing to do is regardless of what the consignor's statements or documentation might be, the professional cataloger must describe it correctly as he sees the item, let the consignor proof the copy and if the two are at odds on the content withdraw the item before the catalog goes to print. No auction house wants return items and no one wants a return item after the consignor has been paid. That's the bottom line that motivates accurate descriptions. Certain politics however do come in to play but it is the exception and not the rule. The buyer should; First read the Terms and Conditions of Sale and then bare with me. In the prior, pre-Internet years buyers would travel to the auction venue and view the items in person. If the customer was well known to the auction house and he could not make the sale the item was often shipped to the potential buyer for a pre auction inspection. This seldom occurs in modern times. Today people sit at home at their computers and bid on things after reading the description and viewing the catalog photos, usually on line. A good auction house will photograph all the good and bad of an item, many establishments just photograph the attributes and adjust thecolor to suit them. The from home auction buyer needs to know what he's doing as well. Often times his ineptitude sets him up for disappointment. He needs to know how to read a description prompting what questions to ask and if he is serious about the potential purchase of one or more items he should call the auction house and have somebody in the know go over the item with him, at the very least. Meanwhile back at the feud, perhaps the Julia's cataloger used a poor choice of words when he said "fool your enemies..." however he did permanently tag the item in question as "a fake" for all future researchers to see whenever this item is to be researched. The next hash to be slung was over the return policies of each organization. One company only guarantees the "bold black" header in the description the other is a little more liberal. That fact of the matter is, if the item is not 'as described' they'll take it back. I don't care what their policy is. Let's clear up one thing though, if a person is unhappy with an item he has purchased it is very bad form to ask for a partial refund as you need to be prepared to return the item for a full refund. If you are not prepared to do this quite simply, don't complain. Do be advised to never submit an absentee bid to RIAC because no serious bidder who has ever done so believes they are being metered ethically. If the bidding stops at $1500 and your high bid was $2500 you bought it for $2500. That's who you're dealing with, so eyes wide open there. Auctions aren't just for the rich guys and there is often something out their for everyone. Be informed, know what you're doing, use a little strategy and ask questions.


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