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Re: new to me 1884

Posted by Dick Hosmer on Tuesday, 7 October 2014, at 5:23 p.m., in response to Re: new to me 1884, posted by Colby on Tuesday, 7 October 2014, at 3:00 p.m.

Well, I've pretty much covered them - though you probably are unaware of the context.

(1) Serial number is WAY off from any known carbine production, which was accomplished, roughly, in blocks or groups for manufacturing efficiency.

(2) The carbine barrel is tapered differently from the rifle barrel, so a cut-off will show a larger diameter and greater wall thickness at the muzzle - unless it has been re-tapered, and yes, well-equipped fakers HAVE done that. Of course, a genuine carbine barrel MAY have been screwed into a rifle receiver.

(3) Carbines do not have sling swivels, but the one-piece milled guard was never made without the provision for one, which may have been ground and polished off, in your case.

(4) ALL carbines had the bar and ring on the left side, so any stock lacking that prep was origianlly on a rifle.

(5) The carbine butt trap is meant to hold a three-piece cleaning rod and a headless shell extractor. That for a rod-bayonet rifle (yours) has two, larger, holes, for the HSE, a combination screwdriver tool, and a tip to be screwed onto the rod for cleaning. FWIW, the buttplate itself IS the same.

(6) Rifle stocks are slotted and drilled for a full length cleaning rod under the barrel. These leave a groove which needs to be patched, by one of several methods, when faking a carbine. You claim no work was done - I say you just have not yet found the joint!

(7) Rifle stocks had, beginning in 1879, an extra hole, revealed when trigger guard is removed, that intersects the cleaning rod hole to allow removal of packed-in crud. Carbine stocks lack this hole.

(8) Also since 1879, the rear sights are marked "R" or "C" respectively. Naturally, they are also graduated differently.

I THINK that is about it! [GRIN]


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