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Re: Took my 1884 out for the first time

Posted by Larry Gibson on Thursday, 23 January 2014, at 12:48 p.m., in response to Re: Took my 1884 out for the first time, posted by Ernie Brandt on Wednesday, 22 January 2014, at 10:02 p.m.


In my pressure tests using an Oehler M43 PBL;

45-70 with 413 gr cast bullet WW cases w/WLR primers

25 gr 5744 with no filler; 1138 fps, 22,000 psi(M43)

25 gr 5744 with Dacron filler; 1222 fps, 25,000 psi(M43)

25 gr 5744 with COW filler; 1294 fps, 33,000 psi(M43)

Granted 33,000 is not that much over the SAAMI MAP for TD loads but it is over none the less. It may or may not cause problems in a TD. But I simply choose not to take the chance regardless of how well it may work. In my own tests (with 3 different TDs and a bolt action)the Dacron filler also provided the better accuracy, not by much but still better. With slower burning powders such as 3031 and 4895 the increase in psi is not as much but there is an increase. Approaching smokeless powder loads listed as "ok" for TDs and using a COW filler can easily put the psi over the SAAMI MAP.

Yes I have heard of the "Puff-Lon and have used it and 2 other types of similar fillers in extensive testing. They work well and raise the psi no more than a Dacron filler. I simply find the Dacron filler the easiest to use and a lot less messy (ever try to clean up spilled Puff-Lon?). I get several yards of "batting" very in expensively at fabric stores, cut it into strips 3/4" wide and then into chunks the size I want. I eyeball the cutting as a there is no difference between a 1 gr and a 2 gr chunk as long as it fills the airspace. Compressing the Dacron in provides no benefit. Just use a chunk big enough to fill the air space between powder and base of the bullet.

Larry Gibson


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