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Re: Your thoughts would be appreciated.

Posted by frontierwest on Wednesday, 9 October 2013, at 9:13 a.m., in response to Re: Your thoughts would be appreciated., posted by Ernie Brandt on Tuesday, 8 October 2013, at 11:15 p.m.

I don't know about expertise.. but I've been making them.. and not to fool anyone, but they are decent.. but not perfect.

I can say about the alignment... the original barrel seems to have been rather torqued on. I find a few are a little sloppy and lose but they are usually a pretty wore out and non desirable barrel anyhow. Some I've noticed have been removed before and the person/s seem to have not known what they were doing ie. a vice, pipe wrench, or other unsuitable tool that leaves marks. I've only rebuilt receivers and barrels that are pretty decent, have not ventured into doing something that dose not fit my need. My need is that it has to have very good rifling, not pitted, bent beat up ect. I build them to shoot them period. Most I've done are used now at the Custer battle re-enactment. The crappy parts are assembled into a crappy carbine and used for blank firing only and are so marked. the others are tack drivers. A few I have had to peen the back end of the barrel where it meets the receiver and then filed on the lathe and sanded by hand. The key for me has been to ensure the extractor works smoothly and less about weather the witness mark is perfectly aligned.. though the majority of the time the original mark is at or near perfect (using quality parts).

I will add that by reading the "experts" comments ect. on this site, and having done a number myself now.. I can spot a buggered up one in a heart beat at the gun shows. Again I am looking for quality guns at a reasonable price. I will not destroy and part out a real nice rifle or carbine, something has to be wrong with it in the first place and the ones I get have usually seen Bubba long before me. I do keep track of the serial too and the buyers are told up front what they are buying. I've had some tell me that they are worth way more than my selling price ect. I even tell them what I have done.. and some still know more than the guy that re-built it from the ground up.. Go see another famous trapdoor collector seller in Vegas if you do not know what I am talking about. Total POS cutdowns for over 2000 bucks and are claimed to be Custer era carbines ect. I'm not sure I'd trust even shooting many of the ones I saw on the website. Can't trust buying something when the serial number is blocked out either.. nor can I keep track of the ones I've seen.. and notate "stripped receiver" in my notes.


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