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Re: small bore??

Posted by Ernie on Monday, 4 June 2012, at 9:44 a.m., in response to Re: small bore??, posted by Thomas Jacobson on Monday, 4 June 2012, at 9:04 a.m.

Thomas is correct on the recoil. You WILL NOT like the recoil!

Question, are you stuck on the 500 gr. bullet? I'm talking about the bullet here, not the loaded round. The loaded round is a "cartridge". I know the "cowboys" on the Big Screen call them "bullets" but that's Hollywood not the real world.

405 gr. bullets cost less, will generate less recoil, have the energy to knock down ANYTHING in North America, are shorter (will not contact the rifling), will seat on top of the powder without an air gap, etc.

I use a 300 to 330 gr. bullet for hunting deer & load a 485 gr. as a "Magnum" load. I don't know what I will use the heavy loads for. In Missouri we will never fire at a target (deer) at over 200 yards. I load both BP & Smokeless and prefer Smokeless cause I'm lazy and don't like cleaning BP out of bores.


DO NOT fire "factory" loads in your TD unless it states on the box that it is safe for Antique weapons or for "Cowboy Action" shooting.


The boys at SA studied the pressures generated by BP in the TD to arrive at a safe & effective "battle" load. This is a 405 gr. bullet & 70 gr. of BP. This load is the most used today.

I believe that if you load your own cartridges using safe practices you will get the results you desire & the rounds will chamber just fine. If you do not already have a loading setup then it's a good time to jump into the process. I bought my press at a flee mall for $50.00 & it works just fine.

Have fun but be safe



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