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Re: Serial Number to Unit Connection

Posted by John on Saturday, 28 January 2012, at 10:12 p.m., in response to Serial Number to Unit Connection, posted by Pat on Saturday, 28 January 2012, at 9:25 p.m.

About the only game in town (except for a few numbers found by researchers who have chosen to keep the data private rather than share them) is the data found in the National Archives by the late Frank Mallory of Springfield Research Service who spent over 20 years toiling in the musty records.

SRS is now run by another individual, who will look up a number to see if it is listed in their records. However, he will ONLY do this if you FIRST subscribe to his quarterly newsletter at about $35 per year. Then, he will only tell you yes or no if it is listed. For an additional fee (about $150 if I remember correctly) he will send you a letter with a summary of the info available on that number. Most of the time if is rather boring stuff like "shipped to Springfield Armory for repair" or "lost or stolen from xx Infantry" but sometimes it can be very interesting and historically significant.

Data has been found on about 25,400 trapdoor serial numbers, out of over 560,000 made, so at best there is a 1 in 23 chance there is any listing at all.

If you find numbers that are close, that is interesting, but since guns were not made or issued in exact serial number sequence, adjacent numbers could have been send to units on opposite ends of the continent, or never issued at all.

Several people here have copies of the SRS numbers which used to be published in book or electronic form, and if you post the number, one of them may be willing to look it up for you.

Yes, it is always worth checking, there are some very interesting guns out there, but odds of finiding them are very slim. Of course, if you don't check the numbers, the odds are zero.


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