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Re: Black powder vrs smokeless

Posted by Larry Gibson on Wednesday, 4 January 2012, at 7:45 p.m., in response to Re: Black powder vrs smokeless, posted by Ernie on Monday, 2 January 2012, at 9:12 p.m.

I shoot lots of smokeless loads in my TDs. I also shoot lots of BP loads and lots of duplex loads. The smokeless loads definately have their advantages and are convenient. They are also just as accurate as BP loads, many times more accurate if many rounds will be fired w/o cleaning.

I've recently done considerable testing of VihtaVuori's new "TinStar" pwoder. It is a "bulkier powder developed for cowboy action loads. I suggest 14 - 15 gr under 400 - 415 gr cast bullets of .460 - .464 diameter for the original TDs. The Lee 459-405-HB "as cast" of 20-1 alloy is excellent for this as is a Rapine 460400. TinStar is bulkier, ignites easily (I used Starline cases with CCI 200 primers) and requires no filler. Velocity will run 1100-1150 fps with the measured psi (M43 Oehler being 23-25,000 psi(M43). Standard deviation (SD) for 10 shots was 4 fps with and extreme spread (ES) of 13 fps. I've now shot several 10 shot groups at 100 yards out of my H&R OM and M1884 TD of 1.5" or so. So far this has proven to be an exemplary load.

I use a slight variation of Spence Wolfs suggested BP lube. I use 6 parts Beeswax to 5 parts virgin olive oil. Works very well in Lyman 450, pan lubing, lubing by hand and with the TC luber for .45 and .50 cal ML bullets.

I had several conversations with Spence years back after i got his book. He was a very nice and knowledgeable gentleman. His technique and instructions are for replicating the service loads. Follow his instructions and you will get very good loads with BP or smokeless powders. However, for better accuracy I NS my cases, use bullets of at least groove diameter and do not crimp. This is with BP and smokeless powders. Spence had no problem with that but, again, his instructions are fore replicating the original service loads. His instructions do that very well indeed.

Larry Gibson


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