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Re: Happy New Year ya'll

Posted by Pete Nelson on Sunday, 1 January 2012, at 8:05 p.m., in response to Re: Happy New Year ya'll, posted by Frank Trent on Sunday, 1 January 2012, at 6:37 p.m.

Please, Frank - - such violent outbursts of unbridled enthusiasm will absolutely NOT be tolerated on this WebSite [:>)], even on New Years Day!

I think Tom Trevor has provided a pretty comprehensive reply, one upon which i could hope to improve. But I will go through my hand-loading records and see what I can come up with. I hand-load only the .45-55-405 CARBINE (mine are actually .45-59-420) and .45-70-500 RIFLE rounds using:

a) GOEX 2F Black Powder (bought locally in 1-pound cans). b) STARLINE Nickel-plated .45-70 Government cases (bought from MidwayUSA in 100-case boxes). c) FEDERAL Large Magnum Rifle Primers (bought locally in 100-primer trays). and d) 420-grain/hollow-base/round-nose (nose-poured) and 500-grain/flat-base/round-nose bullets in 20:1 Lead:Tin Alloy pre-lubed with SPG Black Powder Lube [bought from Frank Ehrenford at MT. BALDY BULLET COMPANY, Cody, Wyoming, in Styrofoam lined white cardboard boxes, 50 bullets per box].

I do drill the flash holes of the cases open from, I believe, 0.086" diameter to 0.096" diameter using a #412 twist drill, as part of the "J. SPENCER WOLF" regimen, and it seems to work for me. The reason for the 59.0 grains (rather than the standard 55.0 grains of powder in the Carbine rounds was a suggestion of, I believe, very knowledgeable "TRAPDOOR" shooter Larry Gibson. The extra 4.0 grains are just enough to provide a slight degree of powder compaction without using any filler material. Also at his suggestion I use a thin "wad" punched out of 0.0035"-thick wax-coated Reynolds freezer paper using an 0.062" diameter punch in one of my Lee presses. This is basically just to keep the powder in place and prevent it from migrating up into the hollow base of the CARBINE bullet. I also use a 0.030" thick Veggie Wad (from Walters Wads and available from MidwayUSA). I use a separate crimping operation using one of "Spence" Wolf's modified Lee Seating Dies and also use the Casing expansion and Powder-Compaction Dies from Wolf's 5-Die Lee Set. I apply a good solid crimp right after the bullet-seating operation which is, in turn, done right after the powder-compaction step.

I will go through my files and see what sort of an approximate per-round cost figure I can conjure up for you and will post it here {I will give it my top priority rating, since I know that you want to get going before the Obama Administration takes away all our guns!).

Best wishes for a very HAPPY NEW YEAR.



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