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Posted by Steve on Sunday, 28 August 2011, at 9:42 a.m., in response to Re: H&R OFFICERS MODEL SERIAL DATE?, posted by frontierwest on Sunday, 28 August 2011, at 1:02 a.m.

Thanks for the tip! I'm always interested in learning new techniques for patina and antiquing black powder guns. The one thing I wish I could address without too much trouble would be in dealing with new stamped markings. Certainly Uberti isn't as bad as Pietta when it comes to new markings, as Pietta seems to go out of their way to make their markings as obvious as possible while Uberti markings are a little more understated. That suits me fine as I much prefer uberti over Pietta anyway. There is no doubt that Pietta revolvers represent a lot of value for the money paid, and they can often be bought at really good prices. For someone with limited funds they allow the opportunity to get into black powder. I have owned several Pietta's and found them to be good usable pieces. But now that I am getting into making up conversions with gated Kirst units and ejectors, I really find that the Uberti's are of the best quality inside and out. And although the Uberti's can cost $100. more than a similar model Pietta, I find the extra expense worth while since I am spending another 3 to 4 hundred dollars for the conversion parts. Anyway, getting back to the issue of manufacturers markings. Without trying to fool anyone into thinking I had a vintage collectible antique, I would like to both minimize the Italian markings which are so visible, and also mark the barrel with something approximating original Colt or Remington markings. You could use markings that had a similar type face, but still made it clear that it was not an original. For example, you could have the Colt address on the top of the barrel with a notation that the piece "was inspired by" Colt's manufacturing or something similar. Again, it could be done in such a way as to provide a vintage look for the markings but still make it clear that it was a modern reproduction. I would think that someone would offer such marking services. If anyone knows of any gunsmith who does provide a service like this, I would love to get their contact info. As far as the muriatic acid goes, do you add the filings to the acid and put the piece in a tent to contain the fumes? Any preperation to the metal? How long do you expose the metal to the fumes for? And how do you nutralize after exposure? Thanks in advance for your help! Steve


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