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Posted by Dick Hosmer on Friday, 29 July 2011, at 10:40 a.m., in response to Re: H&R OFFICERS MODEL SERIAL DATE?, posted by Bob on Friday, 29 July 2011, at 8:59 a.m.

The "problem" lies in the H&R's cheap imitation of the SA thumb-latch assembly.

Simply put, under the right (wrong?) circumstances, the thumb-piece 'loses its' grip' on the shaft - in short, the latch turns down, but the shaft doesn't. The breech APPEARS locked, but it isn't. Pulling the trigger fires the round, and puts the entire set of safety features (firing pin guard, hammer nose overlap, etc.) to the test. The usual result is a flopping breechblock and an empty case WAAY far behind you, to say nothing of a dazed WTF look and possibly soiled linen. AFAIK, no one has been seriously injured, YET.

The BLOCK was never the issue, though replacing it, complete with latch - which is possible - just might be the simplest solution. Another way is to pin the parts so they cannot shift, though this requires precise rotational alignment.

Some Pedersoli TDs had/have the same problem. It was alleged, but denied, that they purchased the H&R tooling. No matter, given the choice of which design to copy, they chose the H&R method (which while cheaper - hence appealing to the bean counters - was dangerously flawed) over the original.

Not all rifles have failed. Have no idea whether that is luck, variance in quality control, or what.

Pedersoli has apparently somehow fixed their version of the problem. AFAIK, H&R never did. Much has recently been made of H&R numbers, saying it was only the "early ones" which blew. To this I say: 10,000 were made; mine is 5858; it blew. I haven't fired it since, and will not, until (if ever) I fix the problem.

Just had an "aha" moment. I wonder if this low-high numbering business was meant to apply to Pedersoli? They DID change their process, so, such a statement regarding them would be valid. They LOOK similar to the H&R, and, at least at one time, had the same problem.


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