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Posted by Steve on Saturday, 23 July 2011, at 9:14 p.m., in response to Re: H&R OFFICERS MODEL SERIAL DATE?, posted by Larry Sunday on Sunday, 17 July 2011, at 2:50 a.m.

I just got the wooden pistol grip. It was a little expensive. Pretty nice cut checkering, nice wood with a non gloss finish. I didn't like the gloss finish on the rifle, so I stripped it off and gave it 2 coats so far of boiled linseed oil. To my eye it looks a lot better than the H&R gloss finish, and it matches the pistol grip finish well. When I got the gun, it looked like there had been a little peppering of surface rust that someone had half tried to remove with some steel wool, leaving very fine longitudinal scratches the length of the barrel. Looked like they got started and than gave up, since most of the bluing was still there. I figured it couldn't get worse, so I masked off the receiver, removed the front sight, and polished the blue off to bare steel. It certainly looks better than it did, but I'm not wild about the contrast between the polished steel and the case hardened receiver. I'm torn, because although I really like the color case hardened receiver, I think it might actually look better if the receiver was bare polished steel too. The one they have at the National Firearms Museum looks like it's nickel plated, and I think mine would look a lot like that if I polished the receiver and maybe the lock plate as well. If I strip off the case hardening, I can never go back, so I guess I'll just keep polishing the barrel for now and leave the receiver as is for the time being. I can always go bare steel, but I can never go back. I didn't buy mine, but I guess I've got about $425. into it in trade, so I don't feel like I'm committing a sin by not leaving it factory original. Anyway, like I said, I'll live with the 2 tone metal for a while, than maybe I'll polish the whole thing in the white. I certainly have no regrets about going with an oil finish for the wood. I really like it a lot better than the gloss finish it came with, and the pistol grip looks and feels good. I did thoroughly clean out (3 times) the set screw hole for the cam with alcohol to degrease it, than I reinstalled it. It feels very tight, and I wasn't able to turn the thumb piece on the shaft no matter how hard I tried, but I'm not as strong as a 45-70 shell. We'll see what happens when I take it to the range and give it some live fire. From what I've read, some of 'em open, and some of 'em never do. I'll be checking it carefully, and if I get any feeling that it might self eject, I'll remove the set screw, drill into the shaft, tap the hole and install a long setscrew that goes right through into the shaft. And if I'm still concerned, I just happen to have an original bolt already built with all the components installed. I already put it on the gun, but it's so tight that it won't even close. But I have no problem hand fitting it with my Swiss files, and it would probably end up being a better fit that the bolt that's on there now. Only reason I don't just fit and install it now is because I would prefer to keep the engraved bolt installed if possible. But either way, this will be a shooter, and from what I hear once you have the self eject problem licked these are fine shooting accurate rifles. Anyone want to give me their opinion on weather or not I should take the plunge and go for the the full in the white finish? Take a look at the nickel plated one at the National Firearms Museum, because I think that's pretty much what it would look like. Funny how "in the white" is now becoming a fairly common offering from a lot of gun companies. Makes you wonder how much rust protection we ever really got from the bluing. My experience so far is that as long as you keep them clean and oiled, the white guns don't rust any more or any faster than the blue guns. I guess nickel still offers more surface protection, but I'm starting to like white guns. And unlike blued guns, you can just polish them to bring back their looks, as opposed to re bluing or touch up blue. Anyway, I'd like your opinions. And I'll try to post some pics. Any thoughts on installing sling swivels on this rifle? I have a really nice horse hair sling that I'm thinking about putting on it, but I'm not sure of swivel placement.


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