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Re: re: smokeless load for trapdoor

Posted by Pete Nelson on Friday, 11 February 2011, at 7:52 p.m., in response to re: smokeless load for trapdoor, posted by Joe Wagner on Friday, 11 February 2011, at 4:05 p.m.

Hello Joe,

That would be my suggestion too. I have long been what I guess most folks would call a "purist" and am a great proponent of "THE SPENCE (now PAT and her daughter, Sierra) WOLF SCHOOL" of doing it "the old-fashioned way": drilling out the flash hole to 0.096" diameter, using the (Federal) large magnum rifle primers, the (GOEX) FFg black powder, the (Winchester or Starline) brass or Nickel-plated brass cases, the 405-grain hollow-base 20:1 Lead:Tin round-nose bullets sized to 0.459", the SPG black-powder lube, and the 0.030" thick veggie-wad over the powder. Not wanting to get into melting and casting lead, I scouted around and found what I consider a pretty fair replica of the Pattern M1873 bullet which comes cast and sized to 0.459" with the 3 lube grooves filled with SPG black-powder lube and packed in styrofoam trays in white cardboard boxes of 50 for (at the present time) at $50.00 per 100 and listed as 0.459 45/420-Grain Hollow-Base "CUSTOM" from


P.O. Box 835

Cody, Wyoming 82414

(307) 754-5255 [VOICE]

(307) 754-5355 [FAX]

I'm sure that Frank Ehrenford will be delighted to take your order, and the delivery turn-around time has always been quite good. The bullet is what I use in my Carbine (a late M1884 with a Bob Hoyt lined and re-rifled barrel) loads a nose-pour design, so there is a small amount of irregularity at the tip of the round nose and they do tend to run a little on the high side of 415-420 grains. But I usually load 59 grains of BP under the wad, which tends to offset somewhat the additional bullet weight. But the slightly extra powder weight (volume) does provide slightly more powder-compression, and most of the rounds chronograph somwhere right around 1125-1150 fps and give 3" (+/-) groups at 200 yards. Mt. Baldy also casts a pretty neat 500-grain flat-based/round-nosed rifle bullet also cast from the same 20:1 Lead:Tin alloy in the SAECO 1881 mould and sized to 0.459" and with 3 SPG-filled lube grooves at $42.00 per 100 (also packed in styrofoam trays of 50 each in white cardboard boxes). Thse have performed equally well with the nominal 70-grain black powder loads, but I don't use a "wad" - - just a round disk of 0.003" thick freezer paper to prevent lube migration down into the powder charge. And both of these high-quality bullets "mic" pretty darned close to 0.459" diameter.

Just my 2-cents worth,



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