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Re: trial rifles

Posted by Pete Nelson on Thursday, 4 November 2010, at 7:08 p.m., in response to Re: trial rifles, posted by Terry Walsh on Sunday, 31 October 2010, at 2:24 p.m.


Now that I went back and examined my M1870 Carbine in more detail, I just finished re-reading this post of yours (posted Sunday, 31 October 2010, at 2:24 p.m.) to see what it was you had said in reference to the M1870 carbine.

My breech block, like yours:

a) Is thin at the hinge (i.e., that is the top surface of the breech block is slightly below the centerline of the breech block hinge pin, so that the block DOES fall farther forward upon opening.

b) The breech block is stamped "1870/EAGLE-WITH-ARROWS/US [no word "MODEL" and, insofar as I can read, NO periods after the "U" and "S"]. The breech block has the long, high arch and is black finished. The arch over the firing pin is thin. The latch thumbpiece is the second (middle) type shown in the photograph at the top/left of Page 103 of Al's BOOK II (the one referred to as "MIDDLE: apparently a modified version of the M68 with a slight rounding of the back corner".)

c) The stock has a single, very clear "ESA" within the oval - - right where it should be.

d) The firing proof mark beneath the stock is a very clear and deep "Boxed 'L'".

e) The rear sight (with the right-hand vertical rail of the ladder stamped very clearly "2,3,5, and 7", and the rear edge of the sight base is "tight" against (only 1/16" from the) front edge of the receiver.

f) The blade of the front sight is indeed brass but is nearly flat from front to rear (which surface is about 0.38" long).

g) The front edge of the sight base is 23/32" from the muzzle crown.

h) The wire of the sling ring is 0.165" diameter (checked with a 6.00" long Starrett caliper), and the wire of the slide-bar is 0.195"-0.198" diameter.

i) The barrel outer diameter at the muzzle crown isd 0.773"-0.778" (using the 6.00" caliper).

j) There are no proof marks stamped either on the side or the bottom of the barrel.

k) The lock plate is stamped "1863" behind the hammer.

l) The stock is cut with the "ski slope" contour and has the short comb/long wrist.

m) The receivere has the square corners with the short/shallow gas-relief ports.

n) The hammer knurling is the "shield design".

o) The butt plate is the solid design.


p) The trigger has the smooth front face.

With very best regards,



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