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Re: Question for Pete

Posted by Pete Nelson on Wednesday, 3 November 2010, at 11:31 p.m., in response to Question for Pete, posted by Jim Stewart on Wednesday, 3 November 2010, at 10:15 p.m.

Hi Jim,

I am going to compose a reply to your question and send it directly to you via your "hotmail" E-Mail address. I am still having trouble with this %$#$@(*& wireless keyboard (i.e., losing things like these postings),k but I seem to have better luck with the more "user-friendly" WORD documents, so I will do it in MSN "WORD" and attach it to an E-Mail.

Anyhow, I had donje some COLT S/N searching for my early 1st Generation Colt Model 1873 Army Cavalry Revolver (S/N 61452), and had found a little information - - but even my "COLT FACTORY LETTER" was more help than that was.

But in searching through the four volumes of my SRS 4-Volume set of "SERIAL NUMBERS OF U.S. MARTIAL ARMS" I found a good bit of information. But your S/N 26240 was NOT listed there (they lump the numbers of all of the 51N, 60A, and 61N Colts in one big ascending-order list and then just use the 51N, 6)A, and 61B "Type Codes" to tell what (they think) each one is). There are large gaps, and it is difficult (and, always, unwise) to attempt to make any inferences. They do provide tables which give the "SERIAL NUMBERS AT START OF CALENDAR YEARS" for the 51N, 60A, and 61N Revolvers, and "25000" is the S/NH for the beginning of the year 1865. They follow this with the note:

"...Only 2,056 Colt Model 1861 Navy Revolvers, including 6428 show here, were purchased by the (Army) Ordnance Department. Based on reports from Volunteer cavalry units, others were purchased by the States...".

For example, in VOLUME-2 (second edition) the numbers jump from 23449 (A Model 1860 Army) clear up to 31259 (A Model 1851 Navy). In VOLUME-3 they jump from 21808 (A Model 1860 Army) clear up to 34370 (a Model 1851 Navy). VOLUME-4 (the big, thick, fat one) lists a great many more, but even there they jump from 25874 (A Model 1860 Army) to 27142 (also a Model 1860 Army). AND VOLUME-1 had only a single page of "COLT PERCUSSIOB REVOLVERS AND CONVERSIONS" and all it lists are Model 1860 Army Revolvers and Metallic Cartridge Conversions (listed as "60C").

I'll keep looking, and whatever I can find I will make up an MSN "WORD" document and forward to to you via an E-Mail. Sorry, but it wasn't much help...




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