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Re: 1884 safe to fire? Loose Cam Latch.

Posted by Ken Smith on Monday, 30 August 2010, at 2:46 p.m., in response to 1884 safe to fire? Loose Cam Latch., posted by Ken on Sunday, 29 August 2010, at 9:09 p.m.

Hi Ken, A certain amount of play was designed into the breech block pin. This was to relieve stress on the pin itself during firing. The force of the recoil was designed to be taken by the cam latch and it's bore on the face of the breechplug. I would say that excessive play of the breechblock should be looked into. You will need to remove the barrel from the stock before the breechblock pin can be removed. It will have to be started loose from the right side of the receiver where it protrudes through. A small tap with a wooden dowel will start it. DO NOT use any pliers to twist it out with. There is a small tit on the back side of the flat of the pin that fits in a matching hole in the receiver. Open the breechblock and work the pin out with your fingers. Once the pin is clear, the tension of the extractor spring will be relieved. If you are not familiar with disassembly of the rifle, get a buddy who is to help you. Stocks can easily be splintered in the areas where steel parts meet wood. You might try putting a little lemon oil in these areas and letting it soak in for a while before trying to take the rifle to pieces, especially if it has never been taken apart since it has been in your family. If the thumb piece of your cam flops up and down freely, then the spring is missing or broken. Use great care when taking screws out by using properly fitting gunsmith screwdrivers. You may want to dope the screws with WD-40 and let it set a while. These screws are easy to damage if they are frozen up. If you are going to shoot this rifle, get the book "Loading Cartridges for the Original .45/70 Springfield Rifle and Carbine", by J.S. & Pat Wolf. Available from Wolf's Western Traders. This is THE book to have for guys like us. Any broken or missing parts can be obtained from Al Frasca on this website. And feel free to ask more questions if you are having problems. Someone is bound to answer. Let me know how things progress. These rifles are very fun to shoot with blackpowder, as they were intended. Regards, Ken Smith


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