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Re: Does any one have the origional gun loading tool?....

Posted by Don Harpold on Sunday, 18 July 2010, at 3:03 p.m., in response to Re: Does any one have the origional gun loading tool?...., posted by Don Harpold on Sunday, 18 July 2010, at 3:00 p.m.

Try that again

S65. Reloaded shells often rapture a short distance in front of the heads, about at the point where the fow of the metal from the cylindrical to the conical surface of the interior commences to form the solid head. Thit change of condition probably causes a line of weakness, or possibly it is caused by the peculiar shape of the feed-punch (as used in the manufacture of the cartridge case), necessitated at this point to sustain the blow of the bumper and to give space for the flow of the metal forming the head.


866. It is presumed that the action which may cause the rupture of the shell is as follows. At the moment of discharge the metal near the bullet end of the shell being thin, readily expands and presses tightly against the surface of the chamber, and if no lubricant is present the walls of the chamber will grip and hold it closely. The portion of the case near the head, being thicker, does not expand so readily, and is therefore not fully sustained, certainly not so closely grasped as the other end, and therefore if the breech-block does not press against the head of the case, the shell, instead of moving bodily against the block, will be subjected to a strain of tension, the front end being held tightly and the rear free to move; rupture may then follow at the weakest point. 867. This condition will be aggravated if any lubricant is present on the case near the head, but none at the ballet end; it can be avoided to a great extent by lubricating slightly, before firing, the whole body of the shell, or at least that portion near the bullet; it will be sufficient for this purpose to rub over the shell a slightly oiled rag before inserting it into the chamber.


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