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Re: To Larry Sunday; Swiss Powder

Posted by Don Harpold on Friday, 18 June 2010, at 4:57 p.m., in response to Re: To Larry Sunday; Swiss Powder, posted by Ken on Thursday, 3 June 2010, at 9:31 p.m.

Time to repost this one.

In Laidley he states that Bayberry wax is equally as good but costs more, but doesn't explain the other ingredients in the lube which is explained in the following. So if you want to replicate the actual lube, use the formula below. Not sure how olive oil would work, is it extra virgin? :))))

The following is taken from a House Document from 1882-1883 session entitled " United States Government Participation in the International Exhibition, 1876". It describes the various machines on display at the exhibition by the Ordnance Department.

The Bullet-The lead: The United States elongated service bullets are made by compression by means of machinery adapted to this purpose. They are uniform in size and weight, smoother and more homogeneous, more accurate, and give better results than cast and swaged bullets. The lead for bullets should be pure soft lead of commerce, of specific gravity about 11.35, which is increased by pressure to about 11.45, and which melts at 600 deg. Fahrenheit, and volatilizes at red heat. The lead is first melted and cast in iron molds into cylindrical bars. These bars are passed through rolls which reduce them in diameter. A man will cast, in a day of ten hours, 1,500 bars of lead. A man and boy will roll and trim in a day of ten hours, 3,000 bars of lead.

Bullet Machine-The bars are fed to the bullet machine through a vertical tube above a horizontal cutter, which cuts, at each stroke, a length sufficient to form a single bullet, and transfers to the die, in which, by means of a vertical punch, the bullet is formed with its grooves. The surplus lead is forced out at the junction of the dies, in the direction of the longer axis of the bullet, and at the junction of the punch and dies at its head. A bullet machine will make in a day of ten hours, 30,000 bullets.

Bullet Trimming Machine-The operation of trimming the bullet is performed by the bullet trimming machine. The bullets are fed by hand into a revolving perforated circular plate, whence they are forced by a punch through trimmers which open from the point to the base of the bullet, and which conform to its shape, a cutter at the same time passing over the base. After this they are forced by the punch through a gauge under the trimmer. The bullets do not vary more than one or two grains above or below their prescribed weight. The best lard oil is used with these machines. A boy will trim and gauge, in a day of ten hours, 15,000 bullets.

Lubricant-The lubricant for bullets is made of bayberry tallow, by weight, 8 parts; graphite, by weight, 1 part.

Lubricating Machine-The lubrication of the bullet is done by the lubricating machine. The lubricant is molded into cylinders of about 10 inches in length. These cylinders are fed to the machine through a vertical tube, pressure being applied to keep the supply constant. The bullets are placed by hand in a perforated revolving vertical plateand forced by a punch through a sizing gauge fixed in the bottom of the tube, which is pierced with small holes. The lubricant is forced through these holes into grooves of bullet, filling them completely. A gas jet is provided for slightly warming the lubricant. A boy will lubricate, in a day of ten hours, 15,000 bullets.

I hope all this is enlighting. Any mistakes in spelling or punctation are mine. Don


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