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Re: Looking for military history

Posted by Pete Nelson on Monday, 7 June 2010, at 3:53 p.m., in response to Looking for military history, posted by Dave Watkins on Monday, 7 June 2010, at 12:27 a.m.

Hello Dave,

Well, I went through all four (4) Volumes of the SRS Series of "SERIAL NUMBERS OF U.S. MARTIAL ARMS" and, unfortunately, did NOT find any "hits" for you, but I did find the following:

S/N 358695:

In Volume-1 there was a total of only (5) guns in the 358000-series, and they were all Model 1884 Rifles (Code 84R) and had serial Numbers falling between 358040 and 358301, all (5) being associated with Company-G of the 4th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry. But one could certainly make no inferences from that information.

In Volume-2 there was only (1) 358000-series gun, that being 358943 which was listed as an "84R". But again, no inferences should be made.

In Volume-3 there was not a single gun in the 358000-series.

And in Volume-4 there was again not a single gun in the 358000-series.

S/N 543189:

In Volume-1 there were only (5) guns in the 358000-series listed, ranging from 543225 up through 543486 and all Model 1888 Round Rod-Bayonet Rifles (Code "88R"); all with "'98" dates-of-record , and all associated with Company-I of the 12th New York Volunteer Infantry. But not even close (and "close" buys you nothing).

In Volume-2 there was a total of 27 guns listed in the 543000-series (and falling between 543140 and 543209 - - but NOT 543189), all being Model 1888 Round Rod-Bayonet Rifles (Code "88R"). They were all associated with Companies "C" and "E" of the 9th New York Volunteer Infantry.

And in both Volumes 3 and 4 there were no 358000-series guns listed.

S/N 140781:

In Volume-1 there were only (2) guns listed in the 140000-series and neither one a Carbine [there was (1) Model 1884 Cadet Rifle (Code "84A") and (1) Model 1884 Rifle (Code "84R")].

In Volume-2 there were no 140000-series guns listed.

In Volume-3 there were (3) guns in the 140000-series, and all (3) were listed as Model 1879 Carbines: S/Ns 140412, 140653, and 140726 (and were most likely Model 1877s with one or another version of the Model 1879 "Buckhorn" Rear Sight). All (3) were shown with dates-of-record of March 14, 1888 and were associated with Troop-L of the famed 7th Cavalry - - but nothing close enough to suggest any hint of a connection .

And in Volume-4 there was only a total of (1) gun in the 140000-series, that being S/N 140681 with a date-of-record of August 17, 1937 (that's NINETEEN THIRTY SEVEN, the year I was born on August 20th) and the gun was associated with a "P.E. HAWKINS" - - no further information.

Sorry, but that was the sum and substance of what I found and none of it really at all helpful, I fear.

Best regards, PETE


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