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Re: Model 1873 questions- XX ser no

Posted by Pete Nelson on Tuesday, 25 May 2010, at 7:59 p.m., in response to Re: Model 1873 questions- XX ser no, posted by mike presley on Tuesday, 25 May 2010, at 7:11 p.m.

Good evening Mike,

PLEASE don't ever refrain from asking questions here, be they on TRAPDOORS arms or any other subject. That is the primary reason that this forum is here and has been here for so many years. As the good folks at Radio Shack say: "YOU'VE GOT QUESTIONS? WE'VE (HOPEFULLY) GOT ANWERS!". And here anyhow, if the answer isn't readily apparent we'll search until we find some reasonable explanation.

Speaking just for myself, the reason the "XXs" make it difficult to research the gun(s) is the (as Dick Hosmer has reiterated over and over) fact that something like only 5% (maximum) of the serial numbers of the better than 1/2-million TRAPDOOR arms produced by the Springfield Armory have ended up in the SRS database, and that is due only to the diligent efforts of Franklin B. Mallory and other dedicated researchers. Obviously, the only way to have a chance of honing in on a specific gun is to have the full complete serial number. The way that the SRS on-line system worked was to take the FULL number which the person entered, to search through its database archives, and then to post the numnber entered and display the nearest 10 serial numb ers above and below it. If the specific number entered WAS found to be in the archives it would post it on the monitor screen highlighted in BLUE and then display those 10 adjacent numbers above and below. Quite often there was shown to be a rather significant spread from lowest to highest. So there was no such thing as "ALMOST" or "CLOSE", and as most of us have learned it was impossible (and unwise) to attempt to draw inferences, even from consecutive serial numbers.

So it has become a point of contention with most of the "Board of Experts" here that, for these and other reasons, "we simply do not deal in 'XXs'". And occasionally in trying to make that point feathers have gotten ruffled and some well-intentioned folks have been offended.

So, please DON'T stop asking good TRAPDOOR-related questions. This DISCUSSION BOARD has always maintained a very high level of mutual respect and has been very effective in attacking some very intense subject threads, and I would personally hate to see it deteriorate into what some of the other forums have become.

'Nuff said!

Thanks for sharing your excellent thoughts.



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