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Re: Custer Era Crap Shoot

Posted by John on Saturday, 15 May 2010, at 10:26 a.m., in response to Re: Custer Era Crap Shoot, posted by Dick Hosmer on Saturday, 15 May 2010, at 1:20 a.m.

Most sellers offer an inspection period and no questions asked refund, normally three days.

I think two months is a bit long, unless there is evidence of blatant misrepresentation. In that case, we are talking about possible criminal or civil charges for fraud which a seller may wish to avoid. [Before passing his junk off on another gullible victim....]

Having testified on behalf of a buyer of a humped up piece of junk, I can tell you that a court will not only demand proof that the item is not what it was represented to be, but that the seller KNEW that was the case, if you want to get them nailed for criminal fraud. I don't know if there are civil suit remedies, but I think the same standard would apply.

I believe that Dr. Joe Murphy and Mr. Frazier eventually vindicated their claims against some really big names, but only after making a bunch of lawyers rich. Noted author (etc.) R.L. Wilson ended up doing hard federal time for his role in some sort of skulduggery.

The best remedy is for a buyer to simply state the facts in a public venue and let other potential buyers be aware of any controversy. Of course, then the devious scumbags can up the ante by throwing out some sort of libel or slander claims of their own, so one must be very careful.

I, (not being a lawyer, nor playing one on the internet) think it would be safe to say that Joe Blow bought alleged M1873 carbine from Evil Keniver for the price of $xxxxx. Joe Blow had the gun examined by Ace Ventura, a well respected trapdoor authority who pointed out [a list of] problems.

In fact, a photo study of the gun in question pointing out the problems would be a fine addition to this page and possibly help future potential victims to avoid risky business decisions.

By the way, someone has an alleged "Custer" carbine at the Denver show this weekend "asking $75K but would take $50K if you are seriously interested." He mentioned it had been written up in several books or magazines, etc, but being way out of my price range I did not check details. Also two tired Officer models at $19K and $29K.


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