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Re: h&r trapdoor carbine

Posted by Ernie on Thursday, 10 December 2009, at 8:43 p.m., in response to Re: h&r trapdoor carbine, posted by THOP on Thursday, 10 December 2009, at 8:17 a.m.

Interesting reply from Dick Trenk of Pedersoli about h&r parts.

From: dicktrenk1 (Original Message) Sent: 10/21/2005 8:48 AM On one message board recently, there was a posting which suggested that Pedersoli had purchased tooling from H&R and used it to mfr. their own TD models.

The question was also asked if Ped. parts would fit the H&R models.

I have been unable to locate the proper message or board on which it appeared so I would like to have this message passed along to all boards which are involved with Trapdoor models. 1. Pedersoli never purchased any tooling from H&R and none was ever offered by H&R. Our TD models are produced using "forged" actions which are much stronger than the H&R were. 2. Several weaknesses and dangers known in the H&R action were designed out, making the Pedersoli action 100% safer and capable of handling much higher chamber pressures than the H&R and the original TD guns. 3. One such test demonstration was to prepare a Pedersoli test gun in which the breech latch would not lock. A thread was tied around the breech block tightly and the gun would be fired. The unbroken thread showed the breech block had no tendency to pop open as it would on the H&R model. 4. Because the Pedersoli TD uses all Ped. tooling and design improvements, none of the Ped. parts are expected to fit the H&R model. 5. All Pedersoli BP ctg. rifles (including our TD models) are proof tested at 35,000 psi chamber pressures by the Italian National Proof House. On the web site in the tech. articles section, you can see some articles about our proof testing as well as articles and photos of the factory operations and proof house operations. 6. Commercial 45-70 ammo produces approx. 16,000-24,000 psi chamber pressure (depending upon which maker and loading is tested). The lower pressure is thought to be safe in original guns while the higher pressure is known to be safe in modern steel replica guns. Our Pedersoli Trapdoor models are allowed to use reloaded ammo (smokeless or black powder) which can be up to 29,000 psi. Only reload using "printed" pressure, powder charge and bullet weight data provided by the powder mfr. WARNING..... original guns will have sustained metalurgical changes in the structure of the steel in their actions and parts. They may sustain failure if fired using pressures beyond their current strength. We have no way of knowing the strength limits of such original guns which may also have sustained excessive chamber pressures in past years. Therefore, if original guns are to be fired, keep chamber pressures moderate to low.

Davide Pedersoli & Co. Dick Trenk


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