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Accuracy of y 1873 TD

Posted by Ed Fredericks on Saturday, 21 March 2009, at 6:48 p.m.

Helo all; I have a 1873 TD rifle, S/N 118647. It is in good shape, usual bumps and bruises on stock, and barrel has sharp rifling, with some shallow pitting...not over all barrel, however. 1st time I shot the rifle, I used the standard 300g. jacketed Remington load . Accuracy was greatat 25 and 50 yards. Even at 75 yards, the groups were about 3 ". Out of jacketed 300 gr. ammo, so could not shoot at 100 yds. I bought reloading tools, brass and 500 Magnus .458 Flat based lead bullets. I gently tapped on bullet doen the muzzle enough to see that the rifling grabbed the bullet at lease 1-2 thousanths. I used 4198, Unique, 5744, and 0301 powder. The best grouping was 36 gr. of 3031 behing the 405 g. Magnus FB bullet at 25, 50 and 75 yds. I shot 3-4" groups at 75 yds from rest. At 100 yds, groups opened up to 8-10 inches, and some keyholed. All this happened when moving target from 75-100 yds. This is no 100 yd. rifle performance! I tried some BP (60 to 70 g.loads), they didn't even hit the 25 or 50 yd. targets.So, I figured BP is not for this rifle. I have not tried BP substitutes. I have no trouble keeping Mausers, 03's, P14 or Swedes within 1 1/2 groups with iro sights, but this rifle is a mystery to me as to why it doesn't shhot well. As you can imagine, I have received much advice, all well received, from my fellow shooters. I figured you fellows/gals may have answers for me as to how to make this rifle shoot repeated 6" grous at 100 yds from rest. That would make me happy....not overjoyed, but happy. I need all the help I can get! Thanks ; Ed Fredericks


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