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Re: Mr Hosmers new long range

Posted by Dick Hosmer on Wednesday, 25 February 2009, at 11:20 p.m., in response to Mr Hosmers new long range, posted by Dick Foster on Wednesday, 25 February 2009, at 8:47 p.m.

That rifle came our of the middle of Nevada, sometime in mid-2005. It is in about 98% condition - when I first saw it, at Reno in November of 2005, I could not believe my eyes. Apparently, it had been just put away for MANY years. The only flaw is some pitting around the muzzle. Jack Lewis' example has this also, but to a lesser degree. Given the amount of overhang to the sight, and the fact that the spirit level is only retained by friction, I wonder if it was common to tie something (like a small buckskin pouch) over the muzzle which then trapped moisture?

A dealer whom I have known for years, said "Come over to my table - I have something to show you." I just rolled it around and around, holding it by the wood, and saying to myself I don't believe it. Of course, I asked the price, which was WAY more than I could afford, and reluctantly put it down. I considered a real treat just to see it.. It was advertised for sale nationally, with no takers at the asking price. After some soul-searching, and thinking, "hey Dick, you're 70 years old and you are NEVER going to see another one" (I've already bumbled away TWO different .30 calibers by being too timid), so, I called the dealer and asked what would be the best he could do. I had forgotten momentarily, that he had always wanted a particular fancy shotgun of mine, to which I always said "no", because it is a family gun. Well, he quoted a much lower figure, if I'd part with the 12ga.

So, I did it - it also helped that he took three other mundane trades, on which I doubled my investment - so, I wound up in the LR well below Flaydermans. AND I have a buyback agreement on the shotgun.

The dealer also gave me - as a surprise - a full box (the red label version) of .45-80 ammunition! Five such boxes had been found with the gun, one of which was missing a few rounds - maybe the only use (other than function-testing at SA). I now have three of the four known box variations.

Of course, I bought it not TOO long before the market went in the toilet. No more such purchases for me - until BHO, our saviour, makes everything right again.


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