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Re: Gun Legislation (long)

Posted by Dick Hosmer on Monday, 17 November 2008, at 2:19 p.m., in response to Re: Gun Legislation (long), posted by Martin on Monday, 17 November 2008, at 1:29 p.m.

No surprise - the mainstream media tried their best to stifle it.

In a small nutshell:

(1) The Constitution REQUIRES that a President be a NATIVE BORN citizen. McCain (born in the Canal Zone) squeaks in by a technicality. His parents (dad was an admiral) were there "officially", and the CZ was a U.S. protectorate/territory at the time.

(2) BHO's mother was a US citizen, his dad was not - he was Kenyan.

(3) BHO claims to have been born in Hawaii.

(4) But, he has, so far, only produced a "verification" of his live birth, in "short form".

(5) The full "long form", with ALL data available at time of issuance in 1961, has NOT been released, and in fact has been "sealed" by the State of Hawaii! DNC representatives claim to have "seen it" and that it "is OK."

(6) No one denies that his mother - about to deliver at any moment - was RUSHING home to have her baby in the U.S. - the question is, did she succeed? His paternal grandmother, and a half-brother, have stated that he was actually born in Kenya.

Draw your own conclusions. If the Electoral College has any balls, they will DEMAND the long-form, at their December meeting. My prediction is that they will blink, and we will thus have a POSSIBLE usurper certified by the EC as the future POTUS.

I think that is VERY sad - the alternative of course, were his papers flawed, and the Constitution (which I revere) be upheld, would be rioting that would cause the Watts flare-up of the 60's to look like a kindergarten tea-party. But, DO NOT misunderstand my complaint. I have NO problem with a Black president, and would have enthusiastically voted for Colin Powell!


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