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Re: Gun Legislation (long)

Posted by John S. on Tuesday, 11 November 2008, at 10:58 p.m., in response to Re: Proposed legislation [Addendum], posted by John Gross on Tuesday, 11 November 2008, at 10:11 p.m.

I have not done the research on this bill.

However, it is important to view the actual legislation as introduced on the official Congressional website, and not go by what some other site has stated is in a bill. There is a lot of misinformation (well intended, I am sure) about what has been, or will be, or is currently proposed.

There are a lot of truly horrible bills that get introduced, but everyone (including the sponsor) knows will never go anywhere. Getting hysterical or wasting your time calling or writing lawmakers on those accomplishes nothing. Save your fire for the bills that look like they may actually go somewhere.

Remember that bills do not carry over from one Congress to the next, so in January they will start a whole new cycle of infringements on our rights.

Best bet is to sign up for the NRA-ILA weekly email alerts and they will keep you informed about the real threats.

The U.N. proposals are a whole different kettle of fish (or crock or crap would be a better analogy). These are serious threats, being slowly worked, on a long term basis, by a host of countries hostile to private ownership of ANY weapons. They are being egged on by career disarmament enthusiasts like Roberta Peters (basically Sarah Brady's globetrotting clone), and funded by guys like the evil puppet master George Soros. For the last few years, the U.S. was represented by John Bolton (he of the white moustache...) who steadfastly told the others to go screw themselves, because we were not going to give up our rights. Obama and the other Democrats in the Senate refused to confirm Bolton as a permanent appointment, so he had to quit. I will let you speculate about the sort of person likely to be nominated by Obama and confirmed by the Democrats in the Senate, but it will not be anyone who will delay the UN attack on our gun rights.

Yes, there is much to be concerned about on the legislative front.

Every one of us should be a Life or Benefactor member of the NRA. Every one of our family members (spouses, kids and grandkids) should be NRA members too. (There's an easy Christmas gift suggestion....) Join Gun Owners of America (GOA) too if you like, or if you think the NRA is not strident enough.

Each of us should also be active members of our state gun rights advocacy group. They need members, money, and especially smart, articulate folks who are willing to get off their butts and do some work. Many states have organizations of a few dozen people who have done it for years, and they would welcome any help you offer. Write newsletters, man recruiting tables at gun shows, help with email lists, stuffing envelopes, etc. Show up at legislative hearings and (politely and tactfully) tell the legislators to pass the good bills, or that bad bills are worthless crap that infringe on our rights. Show up at rallies to wave a sign.

And, especially get involved in the political process and help get good pro-gun candidates elected. They all need money and manpower. If none are in your area, then help a candidate from somewhere else. Most of us are in a position to make a number of donations to candidates. Let me suggest 20 donations of $50 each as a minimum.

Right now everyone is in a buying frenzy for the likely to be banned "assault rifles". That is Goldilocks Gun Control" where they try to pick off one type at a time. Evil sniper rifles with scopes or easily concealed handguns will be next. Then look for an attack on "dangerous excessively powerful long range rifles" especially those .50 caliber and over. That includes antiques like Winchesters, Sharps and Trapdoors in some of the bills already running in some states. If .50 is dangerous, why should they allow .45 caliber rifles? They want them all and will take them one type at a time. We cannot ignore the attacks on AR-15s and just hope they will leave our favorite guns alone.

Get informed, get mad, and then get busy, and stay busy!

And, try to enjoy your collection while you still can have one.

Sorry to be so long winded on this, but this is too important to just ignore.


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